1960's -1975 Oldsmobile master parts & illustration books

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USED  condition original parts book (with numbers other has illustrations)which covers from late 40's thru 1975 model years  But book only has part numbers in service at the time it was printed  in april 1983 so bulk of part nimbers are 60's thru 1975 as most earlier parts were discontinued and deleted by then.So primary use would be 60's thru 1975

..a great reference source for

Oldsmobile 88 98 Toroando F85 Cutlass 442


This book was printed april 1983 and  has part numbers serviced by gm at that time that are not listed in later printed books after the part was discontinued. that is what makes it very useful. part numbers not listed in books printed later are listed.
This books contain text and illustrations.
covers models id by year and series number, all gm part number groups

  • 00.00 engine and clutch
  • 1.00 cooling,oiling and grille parts
  • 2.00 all electrical parts
  • 3.00 fuel and exaust parts
  • 4.00 transmission and brake control parts
  • 5.00 brakes rear axle, wheel parts
  • 6.00 front suspension and steering parts
  • 7.00 frames ,shocks,springs, bumper parts
  • 8.00 chassis sheet metal, heater parts,standard parts
  • 9.00 ventilation, radio and misc
  • 10.00 doors, door controls w/shield wipers,instrument panel
  • 11.00 windows qrtr,and back, seat parts,
  • .12.00 Moldings rear cmprt, body sheet metal
  • 13.00 wiring, convert top trim
  • 14.00 convert hardware, onterior trim
  • 15.00 carpets, rr trim, yardage

this is a USED bookwith no hard covers, . it is just as removed from the dealership , Covers ar edirty but text is very nice