1959 Rambler original colors upholstery & accessories album

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This is an original 1959 Rambler colors upholsteries and accessories album.  This is a dealer only album salespeople used.  You can use this book to restore your vehicle, upgrade with factory options, or authenticate equipment already installed.  The following information is contained in this album

Color and upholstery-examples of paint and upholstery fabric.  These are actual fabric swatches not printed images and include detailed detailed charts listing exterior/interior 2 tone combinations available

Accessories-16 page catalog with pictures and descriptions of factory offered accessories.

Exact title- Rambler colors upholsteries accessories

Size 9 x 9.25 x 2.5 inches

  • Listed for models 1959 Rambler Ambassador, Rebel, American, Deluxe, Super, Custon, Country Club, cross country wagon