1938-1964 Chevrolet master parts & accessory book 1964 printing

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Nice original  used complete ...original gm (not a reprint) May 1 1964 printing of a Chevrolet master parts book,. 

      Covers 1938 thru the 1964 model year.

     Covers all full size passenger cars, (Impala Bel Air and Biscayne, Corvette ,1/2 thru 2 ton truck, commercial and utility , including station wagons and convertibles.

     The book contains both the chassis and body sections covering all groups . .00 thru 15.00 contains part numbers and descriptions , .. , book list all parts serviced by gm in 1964 which is what makes it so valuable. THese numbers are not listed in later gm books after the part was discontinued or changed by gm. .

this is illustrated, with exploded views etc

Loose leaf 3 hole punched will fit any binder . book is very nice and useable. our . many of these numbers are long discontinued and no longer listed in current parts books. a valuable info source for any restoration. include the following

  • 0.00.. engine clutch 1.00 cooling, oiling ... 2.00 electrical ... 3.0 fuel, ...exhaust
  • 4.00 transmission ,brake... 5.00 brakes,rear axle ... 6.00 front susp, steering...
  • 7.00 springs,shocks,bumpers... 8.00 sheet metal, heater...8.90 standard parts (nutsbolts etc)...9.00 air conditioning...
  • 10.00door hardware,glass...11.00 rear qtr hardware...12.00 body trim mouldings, body sheet metal ...13.00body wiring, folding top....14.00 headlining...15.00 trim
  • the book also has a chassis illustration index ,model info,trim info, exterior paint info. sections